Kelly Clarkson Credits Recent Weight Loss with These 5 Things

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Kelly Clarkson Credits Recent Weight Loss with These 5 Things

Kelly Clarkson has recently opened up about the strategies she’s been using to shed some pounds.

In a chat with People magazine, the singer and daytime talk show host revealed that she’s been on a bit of a health journey lately, resulting in some noticeable weight loss.

So, what’s her secret? Well, it’s not rocket science. Kelly’s been hitting the pavement, enjoying a balanced diet, and treating herself every now and then.

She’s also jumped on the bandwagon of infrared saunas and cold plunges, finding them beneficial to her routine.

“Walking around the city really gets the heart pumping. And those infrared saunas? I’m all about them at the moment. Plus, I just got myself a cold plunge because everyone kept raving about them,” she shared.

“I’ve managed to shift some weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor — something I wasn’t so great at a few years back,” she continued. “And most of the time, I’m pretty disciplined about it. A protein-rich diet works well for me. Being a Texas girl, I’m all about that meat — sorry to all the vegetarians out there!”

But even with her healthier lifestyle, Kelly’s not missing out on life’s little pleasures. “I still treat myself. The other day, I indulged in some frozen yogurt with my daughter, and it was pure bliss,” she confessed.

Now, let’s get the lowdown from the experts on each of these strategies and how effective they really are for weight loss.

Infrared Saunas

You might not think of sweating it out in an infrared sauna as a weight loss tactic, but it can help you shed a few pounds — though mostly through water loss, not fat.

Nutritional therapist Natalie Burrows points out that while some studies have linked infrared saunas to fat loss, they’re not a one-stop solution.

“These saunas use light rays, mainly red light, to generate heat directly onto your body. They’re great for getting you to sweat, which is one way our bodies detoxify,” she explains. “However, they’re not a miracle weight loss tool. Since saunas make you sweat, you primarily lose water weight, and for effective weight loss, staying hydrated is crucial.”

So, while there’s no harm in enjoying an infrared sauna session, it’s essential to remember that you can’t sweat out all your dietary sins.

Cold Plunges

Kelly’s not the only one enamoured with cold plunges – they’re a hit on TikTok too. But can they really help with weight loss?

A recent study published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health suggests they might help reduce body fat by regulating blood sugar.

If you keep up regular cold plunges over the long term, registered associate nutritionist Sarah Cooke explains that fat loss might occur via two main pathways.

“Firstly, shivering in response to cold burns calories, and secondly, brown fat — a type of fat that burns a lot of calories to keep the body warm — becomes more active.”

But cold plunges aren’t a magic bullet for weight loss either. Brown fat makes up only a small part of the body’s fat compared to white fat.

Plus, Cooke highlights that evidence in this area is limited. “Most studies on brown fat are done on animals, so we can’t directly apply those findings to humans without more research,” she notes.


When it comes to shedding pounds, walking might be your best bet. Burrows even calls it “one of the most underrated exercises for weight loss.”

And there’s science to back it up. In a 12-week study, participants with obesity who cut their calories by 500-800 per day and walked three hours per week at a moderate pace lost 4 pounds more than those who didn’t walk.

Meanwhile, a review from 2015 estimated that to maintain a stable weight, you should aim to walk for at least 150 minutes per week.

Walking helps with weight loss by increasing your daily energy expenditure. But you don’t have to strive for the popular 10,000 steps a day goal if it seems daunting.

“I always suggest looking at your current step count or roughly how many minutes you walk per day and aiming to increase from there, rather than fixating on hitting a specific target,” says Cooke. “For instance, if you currently walk for 20 minutes daily while running errands, aim to add an extra 10 minutes per day. Consistency is key – small, sustainable changes beat drastic ones.”

Eating a Balanced Diet

Kelly swears by eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, and experts agree that it’s a solid strategy for weight loss.

“Most people thrive on a mix of protein, fats, and fibre. Protein boosts thermogenesis during digestion and makes you feel fuller, leading to reduced consumption of other foods (and calories),” explains Burrows.

As for fats and fibre?

“The digestion of fibrous (veggies, beans, lentils) and fatty foods (nuts, seeds, avocados) is slower, meaning you stay satiated for longer,” she adds.

When it comes to weight loss, diet appears to be crucial.

A review from 2016 compared the effects of diet versus exercise for weight loss and found that diet was more effective. While both dietary restriction and exercise were shown to be useful methods for weight loss, the authors concluded that exercise alone had only a minor impact on body weight reduction.

Indulging Occasionally

A strict diet can be hard to stick to in the long run. An occasional treat could help you stick to a healthier eating plan.

“The 80/20 rule is a great guideline to follow,” says Cooke. “Constantly denying ourselves the foods we love leaves us feeling deprived and craving them even more. This often leads to overeating and feeling out of control.”

The 80/20 rule suggests eating healthily 80% of the time and enjoying treats during the remaining 20%.

While there’s no specific science on this rule, a study that looked at the effectiveness of flexible versus rigid dieting found that both were effective for weight loss, but flexible dieting led to an increase in fat-free muscle.

In conclusion, Kelly’s approach seems pretty sensible. By focusing on basic, healthy habits, she’s seen some positive changes in her overall health – and a slimmer figure as a bonus.

“If we concentrate on nourishing our bodies through food and movement that enriches our lives, we’ll see many benefits,” says Burrows. “Weight loss will naturally follow without feeling like we’re on a strict diet.”

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