At, our media pack consists of a document that provides advertising agencies and advertisers with information regarding our advertising rates, readership, production requirements, and editorial policy. We have designed this document to help you see why advertising with us is the most budget-friendly mode of communication with your target audience.


Our media kit will provide you with a detailed profile of our monthly readers, as well as a range of circulation statistics. The profile on the magazine is based on our readers’ sex, age, location, income, interests, and occupation. We use independently audited figures to confirm their circulation, and we also state whether our readers pay for our publications or receive them for free.

The information that we collect from our readers is based on surveys that we conduct rather than research performed by an independent research firm or an industry association.

Editorial Policy

At, we use our media to demonstrate why our editorial policy is important to readers. Our kit includes a sample issue, as well as a variety of sample articles, together with profiles on our editorial team and key contributors. We do this so that you can get a full scope of our editorial policy. We also include the details of a calendar that showcases upcoming features to provide you with a few more advertising opportunities.

Advertising Rates

Our media kit also features information surrounding the purchasing power of’s readers to give you an idea of why advertising with us will provide you with excellent commercial returns. This information provides you with a list of products and advertisers, with statistics comparing our performance against our competitor publications.

You will even find a range of helpful case studies of successful advertising campaigns that demonstrate how advertisers use our magazine to increase sales or market share and build brand awareness.